How to Get More Leads with a Stronger Remodeling Brand

How to Get More Leads with a Stronger Remodeling Brand

Discover how to build a strong brand for your construction company, and learn key strategies to differentiate and attract better leads

To win clients, you must give them a reason to pick you. Your brand is that reason.

You’re great at what you do, but you may not show off what makes you different. Start winning more clients—and the clients you want—by understanding and developing your brand and brand marketing

Branding vs. Marketing

Think of your brand as the personality of your construction business. It's your identity, your values, your uniqueness. Marketing? That’s like the megaphone for the strong brand identity you’ve created, amplifying its unique voice.

Key Differences Between Marketing & Branding

  • Purpose: Branding is for building trust; marketing is for making sales.
  • Duration: Branding is for the long haul; marketing tactics are more “now.”
  • Focus: Branding is about feelings; marketing is about actions.
  • Scope: Branding is your business’s DNA; marketing is how you use that DNA to reach people.

Both marketing and branding are essential for construction companies. But what generates leads long-term is the synergy between the two.

Building Your Brand: 11 Elements of a Strong Brand

Your brand is how people talk about you. It’s the first and lasting impression people get of what your company is all about.

Here’s the breakdown of every element that makes up a strong construction brand.

  • Brand Identity: This is your company’s overall look and feel. Make sure your colors, logo, and website scream quality and remain authentic to your brand.
  • Brand Voice & Messaging: How you talk, write, and interact makes a huge difference in what people think about you. The same goes for your brand.
  • Customer Experience: Every interaction counts. From the first call to the final handshake, make it memorable. If someone has a particular experience with your brand, that colors their perception of you.
  • Brand Values & Ethics: Stand for something. Your brand values and ethics should be clear and present across your entire business, branding, and marketing landscape.
  • Brand Consistency: Keep it together. Make sure your brand is the same everywhere.
  • Brand Story & History: Your journey is part of your appeal. Share your stories and history.
  • Employee Branding: Your team is the face of your brand. They should represent it proudly and authentically.
  • Community Engagement: Get involved. Community and industry engagement boost your brand’s street cred.
  • Brand Visibility: How and where your brand appears plays a crucial role in brand recognition.
  • Brand Differentiation: What’s your superpower? Pinpoint what makes you stand out in a clear unique selling point (USP) statement and highlight your points of differentiation across all branding materials. More on that below.

Your brand is how people talk about you. It’s the first and lasting impression people get of what your company is all about.

The Foundation of Your Brand: Identifying Your Unique Selling Points (USPs)

Your USPs are what set you apart. Whether it’s your techniques, specialties, or top-quality service, these are the traits that make clients choose you. So, how can you create a USP statement of your own?

  • Find Your Unique: What makes you different? Is it your tech, your approach, or your team?
  • State Your Value: Be clear about how this uniqueness helps your clients.
  • Keep it Snappy: Your USP should be easy to remember and repeat.
  • Back it Up: Make sure you can deliver on your USP’s promise.
  • Use Your USP: Your USP should be everywhere—in your marketing materials, sales pitches, and team training.

Bringing Your Brand to Life Through Consistent Marketing

Now that we’ve laid down the foundations of what makes a great brand, it's time to talk about nurturing and growing it with focused, consistent marketing efforts.

Laying Down the Groundwork

Getting your marketing strategy spot-on is a lot like getting the foundations of a building right. Know who you're talking to, share stuff they'll love, and make sure you're seen and heard on all the right digital platforms.

Reinforcing Your Brand Message

Keeping your brand's message consistent is like making sure every brick lines up perfectly. Your look, the way you talk, the feel of your brand—it should all line up, no matter where people find you.

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